FAQs: Working with my Toronto organic gardening company

I work only by myself and with you, the homeowner/s. I’m not part of a large landscaping or grounds maintenance franchise. I am, have been and always will be completely independent.

I bring my own small tools (pruners, loppers, etc.)  to your house by TTC. I’ll ask to borrow your larger garden tools like rakes or shovels, if available.

I don’t use any gas-powered equipment, herbicides or pesticides which means a more safe and pleasant area for you, your loved ones, your neighbours and, of course, me!

You or I will supply yard waste bags or containers that will be picked up by the city on your next scheduled waste pick-up date.

My service area is between Victoria Park Ave. and Keele St.  and Queen St. and Lawrence Ave.. Currently, I have clients mainly in the central Toronto neighbourhoods  of Riverdale, Leslieville, Cabbagetown, the Annex, Leaside and the Danforth.  (I’m flexible if you live just outside these boundaries.)

I charge $90 per hour plus HST. Since I don’t charge for travel time, I charge a minimum 3 hours for any visit. You’ll always be presented with an invoice after my work is done to your satisfaction (that is, I don’t insist on being paid in cash.)

Please note that my $90 hourly rate and minimum hours per visit (3) are firm.

You will be better served with a simpler and cleaner working relationship. You’ll know exactly who is doing the weeding and pruning at all times (me.)

I’m accountable directly to you so there won’t be any name-blaming or buck-passing if you are not satisfied with my service. After all, you’ll be speaking with the owner and no one else.

From the initial contact, setting up an appointment, doing the actual work and being presented with an invoice, you’re working with only me and not a team of employees. You’re also not paying for all the overhead associated with a landscaping company’s crew, their travel time, company vehicles, office staff, etc.

It’s simply a case of providing you the best value I can offer by not being like other landscaping companies with their small armies of technicians wielding gas-powered equipment who spend the bare minimum of time on your property before racing to their next job. And, of course, since I work only by myself and travel by public transit, lawn maintenance and landscape construction isn’t feasible.

As the owner of my Toronto organic gardening company, I’ve decided since establishing my business in 2005 that I did not want to add to the environmental degradation often associated with the landscaping industry.

Lastly, please note that I don’t:

  • prune tall hedges or trees
  • use gas-powered leaf blowers when raking by hand will do 
  • truck away heavy branches
  • have expert knowledge of urban vegetable farming
  • create seasonal containers
  • work on condo gardens or for commercial businesses