You can like your gardens again. (really!)

with Paul Jung Gardening Services

Are you reading this because you want:

  • to tidy up an overgrown and weedy yard and make it usable and nice to look at?
  • someone to look after your garden without assaulting your senses with completely unnecessary gas-powered equipment and toxic pesticides?
  • to spend your precious time doing something else besides gardening? (Like travelling, golfing, working)
  • a friendly, knowledgeable and trustworthy gardener who respects and values your time by answering your calls and e-mails, showing up as promised, working efficiently and effectively and not taking frequent smoke and cell phone breaks?

You’ll receive from me:

• specialist knowledge and care of your bulbs, annuals, perennials, shrubs and small trees

• garden maintenance (pruning, raking, weeding, edging, mulching, adding compost) on a regular or as-needed basis (spring and fall garden cleanups) without using harmful pesticides or unnecessary polluting gas-powered equipment

• garden makeovers with new and/or your existing plants

• garden consultations and coaching regarding proper plant choice and care

Scheduling information as of  July 17, 2024:  My next available appointment is August 1.   Please e-mail me at pjunggardening (at) or call me at (416) 515-2780 to schedule an appointment to get you liking your gardens again!

I charge $90/hr plus HST with a 3 hour minimum per visit within my service area. Please see my FAQs page for more information about seeing if we’re a good fit.


Sustainable garden care (no lawns) without gas-powered equipment or the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides

garden bed maintenance

  • spring and fall garden cleanups and anytime between
  • manual removal of weeds, no use of herbicides 
  • selective pruning of perennials, shrubs and small trees
  • garden bed edging, mulching, adding compost, etc.

small city garden (re)designs and makeovers

  • recommending and planting new suggested plants through a consultation process
  • note: I’m not involved with any construction

What i don't do

  • lawn care
  • sod installation
  • landscape construction
  • urban farming
  • condo gardening
  • roof garden construction
  • tall hedge and tree pruning services
  • generally, tasks which require more than one person to accomplish safely 


A Few Words About Me (more about you)

A Toronto gardener and his company

I’m not going to bore you with vague or generic  mission statements or slogans which a typical Toronto gardening services provider may pronounce because, if we’re honest, you probably don’t care. What’s important to know about me is that:

  • I know my plants and how to take care of them
  • I respect your time when it comes to meetings and visits
  • I don’t use pesticides, herbicides or gas-powered machines
  • I’m very easy to work with if our relationship is based on mutual respect

(Credentials are important though. I’m a graduate of Humber College’s Landscape Technician program, with honours, in 2006 and have been in business since 2005.)

Enough about me. What about you?

Toronto homeowners like you are having a tough time finding credible and efficient care for their valuable gardens. Time after time, I hear stories about landscaping workers who don’t know about plants, rush through their visit and spoil your gardens with the sounds and smells of their gas-powered mowers and blowers. You question them about the service you’re getting and receive shrugs and excuses in return.

And you paid good money for this? Why would you accept this?

I decided that you and your gardens deserve much better. It just makes sense for you to hire a mature, experienced and non-smoking gardener who you can trust to work on your property and around your family, is knowledgeable about perennials, annuals, shrubs and trees while providing consistent, reliable and creative gardening services.

In my client's words

"Paul, Thanks so much for all the great work that you did at our place. It looks really great, and we definitely appreciate that you flexed your schedule to fit us in so quickly. We will certainly refer you to our friends if they are looking for yard work/ gardening services in the future. Cheers" Scott Affleck
(Toronto, September 2012)

"Just as I was thinking to phone and say a big thank you to you, I receive your email. You did a great job and so quickly.... The backyard looks great. Thanx soooooo much...... see you next year. Have a good winter. Cheers" Marlene Chapelle (Toronto, October 2011)

"Paul, I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with my garden this year. After my former gardener retired I was apprehensive about taking on someone who I didn’t know. I needn’t have worried. The garden bloomed under your care, including perennials, annuals and shrubs. All my guests remarked how beautiful it looked right through spring, summer and fall. I look forward to working with you again in 2014 and another successful year. Regards" Brian Gallaugher (Toronto, January 2014)

Some of my

Recent cleanups

I’ve done hundreds of garden cleanups over the past 15 plus years so here are only a few examples below. You can see many more from my Yelp and Flickr profiles in the footer section or clicking the “View More Examples of My Work” link below which will take you to my company Facebook page.