I offer these Toronto organic gardening services with sustainability in mind

You’ll receive:

  • specialist knowledge and care of your bulbs, annuals, perennials, shrubs and small trees hardy to Toronto
  • thoughtful garden maintenance (pruning, raking, weeding, edging, mulching, fertilizing) on a regular or as-needed basis (spring and fall garden cleanups) without using harmful herbicides or pesticides or completely unnecessary polluting gas-powered equipment
  • garden redesigns, new designs or simply a long overdue makeover with new and/or your existing plants with an emphasis on using native species. A possible goal is to create a resilient yet attractive garden for you and surrounding wildlife
  • garden consultations and coaching regarding proper plant choice and care

Book your gardening visit today by calling me at (416) 515-2780 (landline). 

To ensure that I give you the best value for the above services, please note that I don’t provide: lawn care, sod installation, landscape construction, urban farming, condo gardening, roof garden construction or tall hedge and tree pruning services. 

I charge $75/hr plus HST with a 3 hour minimum per visit within my service area. Please see my FAQs page for more information about seeing if we’re a good fit.